miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018


Hello everyone!

Hope you're doing great!..
Today I wanna share with all of you some pictures that I took in Córdoba, Argentina.

Córdoba has a nice weather, not so hot, not so cold.

La Cañada stream.  👍

"MATE" is the traditional drink of Argentina, the first who consumed mate were the Guaraní people. 
I know, I know I am Mexican but I love Mate! 

As you can see I have the "yerba" and my "mate" the only thingyou have to do is to put the yerba into the container and add hot wather and is ready to drink! ☺
Yerba & Mate.


miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018

Hola bandita!!
 Hoy es un día muy especial, ya que comienzo con un proyecto súper interesante para mi. 😂

A partir de hoy, les compartiré mis aventuras por el 🌎🌍. Así que... comenzamos!!!! ;D